Monday, January 2, 2012

Through the Past, Darkly

So guess what - I didn't keep my 2011 New Year's resolution about blogging! Of course, my dear 23 followers, you knew that, thanks to the blissful silence you've enjoyed on the Mamadoc front since last June. But it's a bold new year, and a perfect time for bold new action.

This year's resolution is about photos. Specifically, it's about the thousands of photos I've taken through the years that you've never seen. I have seen these photos, and many of them are fairly awesome. Why then are they hidden away from my adoring public? Sheer unadulterated laziness. But it's a new year! So my promise to you? Ten photos per day, every day. Starting now, working my way back to my first digitial camera in 2004 (yes, yes, I know - I was a late adopter). If I have time and inspiration, I will try to blog a bit about them too.

For our first brief test drive in the wayback machine, follow me through the mists of time to last week, when the Jung-Copes visited Ohio for Christmas. Marvel at Jack's latest invention, the Twin Tennis Raquet (so twins can play tennis together). See Don Lee, live and in person, modeling novelty headgear! Admire the family pajamas! And relish the rare sight of Cope women not making horrible faces for the camera, and the even rarer sight of a smiling Dad...


  1. The irony of this post: I attempted to add three photos to the text above, none of which actually made it onto the blog. So enjoy the post about all the photos you're going to get to see this 100% photo-free!

  2. ohhhh wow, I love that you are doing this, and that they don't have any pictures

  3. Nothing like a little New Year's irony!