Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chewbaccarama 2010

And for today's blast from the past, we have Halloween 2010! I would like to emphasize that these photos were taken with an iPhone camera (iPhone 3 no less - an unfrozen prehistoric camera from 2009), indoors, and are therefore not representative of the "awesome" photos previously promised. While they may not be "awesome," they are in fact awesome.

This is the first year since the twins were born that Leslie and I went out in public with fellow adults for Halloween. We celebrated this occasion by dressing as a lion tamer and a lion. Or a lion tamer and Chewbacca - you be the judge.

This event was made extra spectacular by a special guest appearance from the greatly loved and missed Dr. Mr. Kim, in town for a veterinary pathology conference. After a day of learning about novel snake tumors and the many and varied dangers of puffball mushrooms, she slapped on her Richard Nixon mask for a night on the town.

Of course, for this photo set, we hadn't actually made it to the town. We hadn't even left Lisa & Bob's living room. Watch this space for the shocking conclusion! It really does get shocking. Or at least creepy.

For the rest of the living room shots:

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  1. Clarification: Kim is NOT wearing the Nixon mask in the picture above! This cannot be overemphasized.