Friday, January 7, 2011

Stupid is just how I roll

It is dark, it is cold, and I am on the lawn. Locked out of house and car because I am apparently unable to tell the difference between my keys and my watch. My watch doesn't open my car or my house. It just tells me what time it is, but I already KNOW what time it is. It is time for me to be inside of my house. Or my car. Or really anywhere except sitting on my lawn blogging about how it's dark and it's cold and I'm locked out.

The real question is how I have gotten this far in my education, my career, and my life without the ability to reliably distinguish between a set of keys and a watch.


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Location:My freaking front yard


  1. You make me laugh Jules ~ I like your blog!

  2. Well clearly you've gotten as far as you have because you can make every second count (even blogging from the freaking front yard!) Gotta love that--and I do.
    PS This from a person who does not even HAVE keys to her own house because a)someone else is almost always there and b)mostly it's unlocked anyway. But then, it's also in the middle of nowhere, quite literally.