Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mortality check

Unexpected and troubling moment of profundity just now when making my nightly kid kissing rounds. Normally they sleep right through this procedure, but not tonight. The moment my lips brushed Jack's cheek, he sat bolt upright and announced clearly "I choose not to." On further inquiry he clarified, "I don't want to get buried or burned. I just want to stay me. I don't ever want to die." When I hugged him and assured him that he could just stay him for a good long while, he eyed me gravely and said, "Zoe doesn't want to die either, you know." Upon which he rolled over, tucked his pirate blanket firmly under his chin, and fell fast asleep.



  1. Any wonder YOU'RE having a little trouble settling after all of that?

    Let us all choose not to for a good long while.


  2. Oh, my word. What an incredible little man you have there. How did your heart not break into a million pieces? (it probably did...)
    I love you auntie. Please stay you for a very long while. xo