Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why the hell am I doing this???


Well, I'm well qualified. I have years of experience failing in my journal writing endeavors. I have dutifully neglected decades worth of journals, everything from my very first pink vinyl-bound lock-and-key style Dear Diary to my last abandoned blog. And if you don't try, how can you fail?

So here I am. New blog, no followers, which is maybe for the best. Alone with that misguided glimmer of hope that I will have something to say, and actually say it. My life is quite interesting - fascinating, actually. I am the mother of four year old twins and a an emergency medicine doctor. Mama + Doc, get it? Plus I'm a wife, a friend, a sister, an aunt, a teacher, a cook, a knitter, a photographer, a cyclist, a volunteer, and plenty else. When I'm old and decrepit, I'd like to remember some of these things. Plus my sister in law Karin just published a beautiful book of her amazing blog, Quoddy News, and I'm jealous. That's something else I am: a jealous person. Also sometimes petulant.

Anyway, here's to a new year of writing stuff down! If you don't like moms, doctors, or any of the other stuff I am, don't read this blog. If you read it anyway and it annoys you, don't worry - it probably won't last long.

Today's entry: Jack's list of Things He Doesn't Know. There are four. They are:
1. How bad guys grow
2. What birds' bones look like
3. How leaves change colors
4. How cars get fixed.

That is all.


  1. yessss. i think i was your first follower. do i get extra points for being on facebook right when you posted the link? hope so. love you my dearest auntie. am very excited to read your words. xoox

  2. I LOVE Jack's list. And you. And the way you say the funniest things ALL the time.
    What's the best thing about a blog?
    It's not pink vinyl, it doesn't have lines, and you can't lock it up.
    Eager reader, FOURTH Follower!

  3. As a devoted follower of Karin's blog may I just chime in to say -- yes I too like Jack's list.

    Mary (a NSCAD colleague of your sister-in-law)

  4. AWESOME! I vote for awesome twin and emergency in B'more and cooking extravaganza posts OFTEN.

  5. Erratum: Karin's beautiful book was compiled from Visible Poetry, her OTHER awesome blog.

  6. Well, I never read your other blog, and right now all I can say is that I am getting a great laugh, or rather fulfilling chuckle ~ I love Jack's list!

  7. I love your blog so far! I have read it backward, as I do many things, and discovered Jack's list last. I can honestly say I taught him why leaves change colors...maybe he just needs a review...every Expert does from time to time, you know :)